CANTEK “Food Security & Storage”

“Food Security & Storage”

We manufacture all the equipment’s and provide turnkey solutions in cold storage, slaughterhouse / meat processing and plant factories. We think that it is a right for all humanity to reach healthy, economic and continuous food. So, our corporate philosophy is to develop innovative solutions to provide food security


All refrigeration equipment designed and manufactured by Cantek is based on the principle of efficient customer use. The best quality materials are used in all products with the most accurate engineering. According to this;

  • Minimum energy consumption is ensured with perfect insulation and intelligent algorithm technology.
  • The most suitable equipment is determined according to the food to be stored and it is aimed to keep the product as fresh as the first day.
  • Ease of assembly, commissioning and operation is provided.
  • Long-term durability is ensured in all geographies and operating conditions.

Products to be stored in cold stores are worth tens of times the cost of the warehouse. The smallest problem that can occur can cause huge damage. With high-performance cooling equipment, the user will have a great profit. Time of the return on investment is greatly reduced.

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