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CANTEK “Greenhouse and Agricultural Structures”

Greenhouse and Agricultural Structures Grown with green technologies, without the use of any pesticides, products are presented to our tables with their most delicious form. In addition, our technology gives the producers a risk-free, easy, efficient and profitable agriculture opportunity throughout the year. Dimmable and Adjustable Spectrum LED Lights Our team developed an unique design […]

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Rack Safety Audit

Rack Safety Audit: Ensuring Secure Storage Solutions We are dedicated to enhancing the safety and efficiency of your warehouse or storage facility. Our comprehensive rack safety audits are designed to identify potential risks and ensure compliance with industry standards, protecting both your valuable assets and your personnel. What We Offer: Why Choose Us: With the

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Mezzanine Racking

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Mezzanine rack is a racking system that is higher than normal racking system, meanwhile it allows people walk through higher than normal ones by staircases and floors. Utilize the vertical space in your building to its full potential with the help of our mezzanine racking. You can add a mezzanine level to an

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Multi-tier Racking

Multi-tier racking system is an ideal storage solution for warehouses and retail stockrooms where space is limited, and product range is large. This is a storage system, based upon maximizing and utilizing the height, by creating aisle load levels that are accessible by warehouse stairs. Being the leading multi-tier racking & shelving system supplier in

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Pallet Racking

Pallet racking systems in UAE can save space. There are several advantages to using plastic pallets when it comes to storage. Pallets are secure for transporting delicate products like food and pharmaceuticals, are simple to clean and maintain, and can assist you save enough money. Advantages of Pallet Racking Saves Space: Pallet racking systems enable you

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Led Light Fittings

The future light source in cold storage LED lighting is considered to be the greatest revolution in lighting technologies since Edison invented the lamp. LED light bulbs have started to replace commonly used halogen, metal, fluorescent and sodium light bulbs. LED light bulbs will be the light source of the future owing to their high

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Industrial Cold Storage Room Shelves

Industrial shelves, which are key elements of logistic storage, play a crucial role in storing and preserving products correctly. Correct shelving systems not only provide ease of use, but also offer a significant advantage for operating costs. With its expert engineering team, wide range of products and extensive experience in the cold storage industry, Cantek

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