Mezzanine Racking


Mezzanine rack is a racking system that is higher than normal racking system, meanwhile it allows people walk through higher than normal ones by staircases and floors.

Utilize the vertical space in your building to its full potential with the help of our mezzanine racking. You can add a mezzanine level to an existing structure to add a floor for storage, offices, workstations, or other operational requirements. For industrial plants, distribution centers, and warehouses, this method is perfect.

The materials used in the construction of our mezzanine system meet or exceed industry requirements. Heavy load capacities and dependable performance are made possible by the system’s sturdy structure, which also assures its safety and long-term viability. We carefully collaborate with our clients to create and adapt the mezzanine system to their unique needs and spatial limitations.

You can properly arrange your inventory and enhance workflow using RAKFAB Mezzanine Racking. The increased floor area offers plenty of capacity for product storage, and the ground level may be used for activities like receiving, picking, and shipping. This increases productivity and makes the most use of the space that is available.

RAKFAB is dedicated to provide top-notch customer support. From initial consultation and design through installation and ongoing support, our qualified team of experts works with customers every step of the way. We make sure that your mezzanine shelving system satisfies your storage demands and is effortlessly incorporated into your building.

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