Multi-tier Racking

Multi-tier racking system is an ideal storage solution for warehouses and retail stockrooms where space is limited, and product range is large. This is a storage system, based upon maximizing and utilizing the height, by creating aisle load levels that are accessible by warehouse stairs.

Being the leading multi-tier racking & shelving system supplier in UAE we deliver services, which are suitable for your space, whether it’s a warehouse or retails stock room. You can stock a wide range of goods and heavy-duty loads, utilizing the height with multi-tier racking system, without any troubles.

Features of Multitier Racking System

  • Accessibility and adaptability to a wide range of goods
  • Ideal for retail goods storage
  • Optimum usage of vertical height
  • Easy to install and maintain

We have been working with the best racking system manufacturers in Dubai, UAE for years, which make it easy to deliver 100% safety and customer satisfaction in term of racking and shelving solutions for you.

Advantages Of Multi-Tier Racking Systems

There are many different ways that a racking system can be constructed, but for cost-effective storage of pre-packed retail goods, the multi-tier system is the most common, which is based on two tiers of three uprights and one shelf per level. This system has been in use by supermarkets and warehouses worldwide for decades now, offering substantial savings on construction costs due to efficient design.

Our multi-tier shelving system is built with heavy-duty uprights to carry loads from the floors above and also joins together with an end connector, which makes it easy to connect multiple units vertically or horizontally and can be attached to the wall. This makes it ideal for creating long rows of shelving that can house large quantities of products while still allowing aisle space for customers. The Multi-Tier Racking System is often used in warehouses where large numbers of items are stored in relatively small spaces.

Multi-tiered racking systems are an excellent choice for the storage of small, lightweight items. While it is commonly used in commercial settings such as warehouses and grocery stores, multi-tiered racking systems are also a “go-to” choice of storage when space requires a great deal of vertical space.

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