Storage And Material Handling

RAKFAB’S Principles Of Material Handling & Storage

Material handling principles refer to the preset guide to accepted standards tested and proven fit for the process by past practitioners.  

1. Orientation Principal

This idea considers the current setup. Any process gaps that need to be filled or ways that the old techniques may be merged into the new system are the main topics of discussion.

2. Organizing

Before choosing a specific material handling system, the planning concept takes into account the handling and storage needs, potential emergencies, and any viable alternatives.

3. Principle Systems

This principle blends cost-effective material storage options available with the integrated handling design. All shipping, transport, receiving, packing, and storage procedures should have a planned, systematic flow.

4. Unit Load

It includes product handling in the biggest possible unit loads. You want to use standardized pallets and containers that can handle huge loads to reduce the cost per unit.

5. Space Utilization

The utilization principle ensures the maximization of any available space. The space between the equipment and the work area should be close. Any inventory stored in a temporary storage area should not be allowed to stay for long before being used up. Moreover, you should put in place an economic order quantities concept.

6. Standardization

Standardize any handling procedures for best equipment results.

7. Ecology

our storage handling methods should have a minimum negative impact on the ecology.

8. Ergonomic principle

In every setup, there are always constraints when it comes to human abilities. The ergonomic principle seeks to fill that gap.

9. Simplification

A simplified system is always easier to navigate than a complicated one. Plus, it always yields better results. You want to get rid of any movement that isn’t necessary and apply the motion economy principle. Ensure you also reduce re-handling.

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