Tabeen Manzoor

Cold Storage Doors

Doors are among the most important elements of cold storage. Cold storage doors must provide convenience for all entries and exits to cold storage facilities along with keeping the temperature levels of a cold room within permitted range. They need to be in different types for different processing and storing conditions, product characteristics and needs

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Cold Storage Panels

Cantek panels are produced with excellent material and workmanship quality. Therefore, they are durable and long-lasting. In addition, thanks to the eccentric locking system, their isolation capabilities are at a high level. As a result of the perfect insulation, the products in the cold rooms stay as fresh as the first day forlong time with

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Cooling Units

There are 3 main units in cooling systems. Compressor A compressor is a unit that pressurises refrigerant and transfers it to the system. The compressor types within the product range of Cantek are: Condenser A condenser is an outdoor air-conditioning unit that takes the discharged hot air and transfers it to out of the system. Types

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CANTEK “Food Security & Storage”

“Food Security & Storage” We manufacture all the equipment’s and provide turnkey solutions in cold storage, slaughterhouse / meat processing and plant factories. We think that it is a right for all humanity to reach healthy, economic and continuous food. So, our corporate philosophy is to develop innovative solutions to provide food security CANTEK COOLING TECHNOLOGIES All

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Aluminum Louvers

We are providing aluminum louvres in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. A wide variety of ejected louver frameworks are available from RAKFAB Building to satisfy various ventilation, concealment, and aesthetic requirements. Our louver reach, supported by a variety of unique edge and section options, may either be integrated with separators, like coated frames, or alternatively mounted

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Roof Turbine

The design of the ventilator to be activatedby natural convection from the inside of the building andallows it to be assisted by the wind outside.Wind creates a flow of air through the throat of theturbine to enhance extraction.The rotating turbine action removes convected heat andincreases currents of fresh air to flow within a building,producing a

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Roof And Mezzanine Decking

Metal decking typically are corrugated sheets with plain and embossed finish. It is used for flooring and roofing and also for the creation of forms for concrete. Metal decking is installed by using decking screws or pneumatically driven shear studs and can also be welded. CHARACTERISTICS:Metal Sheet: Galvanized Iron (GI)Sheet Thickness: 0.50mm to 1.50mmColors: Mill

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Flashing refers to thin pieces of impervious material installed to prevent the passage of water into a structure from a joint or as part of a weather resistant barrier system. RANGE:Customization: Customized Dimensions available in GI, ALUMINUM Flashing

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