Shelf Systems

Shelving systems are key elements for storing food in cold storage. Cantek organizes cold storage rooms with shelves, designed and produced within its in-house facilities with the brand name, RAFTEK. These shelves provide maximum efficiency for using cold storage spaces, and even cold air distribution throughout the room.


  • Usage between the temperatures of -40°C and +60°C
  • 100 kg load-bearing capacity
  • Full customization on project basis for shelf sizes based on your cold storage
  • Customized stocking with easy access to your products
  • Air circulation distributed evenly throughout your cold storage
  • Rotation at 90 degree in corners
  • Easy installation without using tools
  • Adjustable shelving space and feet
  • Lightweight shelves with easy relocation and configuration
  • Hygienic, dishwasher safe shelf plates

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