Cooling Units

Cantek produces cooling units using Carbon dioxide, Ammonia, Glycol, Propane and Freon refrigerants, and ensures optimum machine configuration.

Correct machine configuration is as important as machine quality and performance for cooling units. Thanks to its large production capacity, Cantek produces advanced technology cooling units using Carbon dioxide, Ammonia, Glycol, Propane and Freon refrigerants. Besides, Cantek is highly effective in providing appropriate guidance for users by its experienced project team, composed of expert engineers who strive to meet customers’ needs. The company conducts thorough analyses based on user expectations, characteristics of products and geographic features of the region where cold storage is located. Cantek always offers cooling units that:

  • enable top quality cooling
  • provide with the most affordable investments costs
  • offer the most efficient and useful solution.

There are 3 main units in cooling systems.


A compressor is a unit that pressurises refrigerant and transfers it to the system. The compressor types within the product range of Cantek are:

  • piston compressors (semi hermetic, hermetic and open compressor)
  • scroll compressors
  • screw compressors


A condenser is an outdoor air-conditioning unit that takes the discharged hot air and transfers it to out of the system. Types of condensers within the product range of Cantek are:

  • air cooled condensers, water cooled condensers, evaporative condensers
  • Freon condensers, carbon dioxide condensers, ammonia condensers, glycol condensers, propane condensers


An evaporator is an indoor unit that facilitates heat transfer with the help of refrigerants and cools the space. Types of evaporators within the product range of Cantek are:

  • Ceiling mounted evaporators, wall mounted evaporators
  • Standard evaporators, double side blowing evaporators
  • Horizontal evaporators, vertical tube evaporators
  • Freezer room evaporators, cool room evaporators, cold room evaporators, shock freezing room evaporators
  • Freon evaporators, carbon dioxide evaporators, ammonia evaporators, glycol evaporators, propane evaporators

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